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Unusual Interview Formats

Posted by Stephanie on July 2, 2012

Today I received an email from a recent client’s mom. She had hired me to help her son with his post-grad job hunt after he had spent several months in job search mode, with no success in landing interviews. And now, after our work together, and after landing a few interviews, he landed a job offer and begins work tomorrow! Yeah!

She shared with me (mom in this case is in human resources and has recruited many times) that this last interview was quite unusual. The company presented its information and the job details and then asked no questions at all. It was up to my client to “sell himself.”

Would you be prepared to sell yourself with no hints as to what to go on, and no questions that give structure to your response? I’d love to give you some ideas!

First of all, you should always have your 2-minute “pitch” at the ready. It doesn’t have to be slick, but it must be clear and succinct. And then, you should know which five or so skills are most applicable to the job to which you are applying. And, you must be ready with examples of how you’ve implemented these skills at work – yes, actual detailed examples and not general, non-specific, one-size-fits-all explanations of skills. And, these examples must prove that your performance enhanced your employer’s productivity and profits, or for jobs that don’t require revenue generation (nursing, social work), that your performance enhanced your employer’s service delivery, and safeguarded reputation.

Actually, if you have prepared – as you must – you will have these already identified, formulated, committed to memory (or paper as who says you can’t bring your homework with you into the interview room), and ready to share.

If you leave your interviews claiming that the “cat’s got your tongue again,” might I suggest you need a little help? Your career is critical to you. If you leave everything to chance, you chance landing something less than the best. Put effort into it and reap the benefits! Do your homework, be prepared, show the job is important to you and get ready to accept an offer. Working to your career success, Stephanie



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