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Post-interview follow-up

Posted by Stephanie on June 4, 2012

Today a client contacted me to ask a familiar oft-asked question: “The interviewer told me he’d call me by last Friday and I’ve not heard anything. Is it okay to email and ask?”

There are so many variations to this answer that it’s difficult to conceive of all possibilities. My answer is, as I so often say, “It depends.”

Did you establish a great rapport? Did you ask how you stand vis a vis the other applicants? Did the interviewer make it clear that the position needs someone NOW? Did you ask if you could email next week to inquire?

You get the point. So many variables, so many possible follow-up scenarios!

1. Perhaps one of those points above gave you an idea for the next interview? Be clear about next steps. If you’re not told, ask.

2. Don’t forget to send a “thank you” note. And don’t forget that it’s also a self-marketing document. Reaffirm why you’re perfect for the position; convey your passion for the field; remind the interviewer of your past accomplishment – the one most relevant to the job’s immediate need.

3. If you don’t hear and you expected to hear, send a quick and friendly email. Don’t ask “Did I get the job?” or even worse “I guess another candidate got the job?” Rather give the interviewer or your future boss, whoever you’re dealing with, some information. Share an article, a perspective, or an idea or plan for immediate on-the-job effectiveness that you’ve come up with.

Sorry, no clear answer, no one-size-fits-all strategy, because that wouldn’t be strategy at all. Strategy depends on a variety of circumstances, scenarios, interpretations, nuances … you have to use your judgment and common sense to devise what works for you. Or bounce your idea off a career management professional who could provide sound advice, strategic ideas, and customized-to-you possibilities!


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