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What the heck do I add to second and third interviews?

Posted by Stephanie on April 18, 2012

Recently I’ve had a few clients who have had to “endure” second and third interviews. The word endure is related to the job seeker’s reluctance to be subjected to an ongoing, seemingly never-ending process (“Just give me the job already!”)

Now, some employers, such as large car manufacturers who receive not just hundreds but tens of thousands of applications, have a prolonged process of even seven interview steps. A personality test, skills test, aptitude test, a telephone interview, a first step on-site interview … an on and on. But the clients to which I refer had face to face interviews first with HR, then the Hiring Manager and then the V.P. or President.

One has now landed his dream job and the second awaits the third interview confirmation. Here’s what I suggested:

For the second interview, bring along a leave-behind document. Perhaps a professional bio, a page of links to on-line activities on LinkedIn, a blog or other industry-related activity, or a key project profile. Few candidates take this step; you will shine!

For the third interview, create a 30-60-90 day business plan. This document is far more detailed than the previous documents, and is important in that it shares not what you have done in the past, but what you commit to doing in the future on behalf of your new employer’s business goals. Powerful information; you will blind them with your brilliance!

Good luck to all who are interviewing! Working to your career success, Stephanie


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