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Why am I not landing interviews?

Posted by Stephanie on April 9, 2012

Recently a potential client asked me if I guarantee interviews. I replied, quite honestly, that I do not and gave him reasons why. A few of  the answers also relate to typical  job hunters’ questions andI’ve listed a few popular ones below. If you find a category that fits your situation, remember, there are strategies that mitigate or overcome challenges. Rarely is a situation completely unsalavageable!

1. Most people’s resumes truly stink. When people email me their resumes for a free assessment I am not that blunt, of course! But the plain truth is that most people are not trained to compose strategic resumes and hence, their resumes are ineffective. Most, in fact, read like a position description revised from a 3rd person to 1st person voice. (Rather than “Serves customers at the counter with information related to birth registrations and marriage licences,” to “Serve customers at the counter etc.)

2. Along with stinky resumes, many job hunter’s cover letters are boring. Yawn-inspiring, recruiter-numbing boring. Beginning with the standard “Please accept my resume in application for…” they give away the chance to impress and for some reason stick to dry, stale, position-description echoes of the resume. What a wasted opportunity!

3. Some people have great resumes. These folks may also have put an effort into the cover letter and it at least adds info that isn’t a simple restatement of the resume’s content. But these may be in an industry that overflows with applicants, and in this case networking into a company is without question a necessity.

4. And yet others use no strategy at all and apply, willy-nilly, to any position that seems to be of interest. This “strategy,” like casting seeds in a windstorm, is of  no use in a serious job seekers career management tool-kit. Without a customized-to-the-position resume and cover letter, why would this job hunter impress any recruiter? Next to a resume that rings with specific skills and accomplishments this “general resume” gets filed under “G” without further consideration. And “G” stands for Garbage.

If your industry overflows not with applicants but with openings and you’re not landing interviews, by deductive reasoning you must cast a critical eye at your self-marketing documents –  resume, cover letter, key project profile, LinkedIn profile and more. It’s not that recruiters are dumb; it’s that your resume hasn’t portrayed you as the goal-setting, dynamic achievement-oriented employee that you really are.

As a professional resume strategist with over five years of full-time service, during which I’ve written thousands of self-marketing documents, I would be delighted to assess your resume and get your job search back on track! Working to your career success, Stephanie


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