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Interview Etiquette Revisited

Posted by Stephanie on March 30, 2012

Always looking for insights to share that will boost my clients’ interview success, I occassionally stumble upon an article with advice that strikes me as a bit bizaare. Today I found just such an article. The writer, someone who has interviewed 150 people (judge for yourself whether you think this is exceptional or not), finds it “disgusting” if the person being interviewed touches his or her face.

She also suggests that twirling one’s hair is distracting, which I tend to agree with. (Twirling your hair seems like a behaviour left over from playing with Barbie days!) However, touching one’s face is not within my criteria for disgusting behaviour.

The writer also suggests that although a thank you note is appreciated, it shouldn’t be snail-mailed. It is, after all 2011, she quips! And yet, there has been a remarkaby long conversation amongst many career-practitioners on whether a post-interview “thank you” letter should be emailed or snail-mailed, with good arguments on both sides.

Opinions abound, suggestions proliferate, and discrepancies dismay the job seeker who doesn’t know whether to turn this way or that, or whether or not to stifle the itch on his face that threatens to grow from annoying to consuming! Personally, if I have an itch, I do tend to address it as delicately as I am able. Common sense must prevail, and if your interviewer has personal buggaboos, there’s not much you can do about it.



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