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Researching a company prior to your interview

Posted by Stephanie on February 24, 2012

I recall attending an interview at a prestigious “think tank” full of scientists and erudite professionals. To prepare I visited the website, printed off mission and values statements along with a few examples of the Executive Director’s communiques. I highlighted passages that “spoke” to me, and prepared to chat with purpose and sophistication. Unfortunately the two ladies who interviewed me were cold fish who didn’t seem to get along and I wasn’t given an opportunity to impress anyone!

You can’t control the outcome, it’s true, but you can be prepared just in case your interview has better vibes than mine. Here are a few facts to gather in preparation:

1. Make sure you know the company’s size, locations, recent growth, successes, contracts or cuts.

2. Learn about the products and services as well as about major competitors’ products and services.

3. Read press releases to find out about future plans, awards, nominations and projects.

The best way to outshine your competition is to outclass and outdistance by over-preparing! Once you have this information on hand, consider how your role fits into the scheme of things, and research ideas on how you might make a robust impression. Demonstrating that you’re already investigating your own possible impact is a great way to outpace your competitors.



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