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Mature Worker and the Interview

Posted by Stephanie on January 17, 2012

Recently I corresponded with a “mature worker” who has been out of work for six months. He had landed an interview, but was dismayed when he realized that his interviewer was still “wet behind the ears.” Yes, that’s a quote.


By the time one reaches a certain age (I myself am turning 57 soon), most interviewers will seem ultra-young! It is critical, at all times, to see oneself as an equal partner at the table, whether one is quite young and the interviewer much older, or vice versa.

The candidate didn’t get an offer, as his attitude, even cleverly hidden, was likely exposed. All it takes is a look, a body language gaffe, and your true feelings are out there. Not a good interview strategy.

Proactive career management includes knowing how to interview well! If you need some help, New Leaf Resumes offers a one hour coaching session that is accompanied by a 40-page E-book, and the information “blows the interviewers’ socks off,” as one client put it! It teaches strategy so that you are ready for the unexpected, the unusual, the unrelated! Working to your career success, Stephanie


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