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Putting a light touch on self-promotion

Posted by Stephanie on January 6, 2012

As a professional resume writer I often have a client start his or her replies to my questions with “we.” When I ask “who is we?” the client more often than not says “well that was me.” Being humble is a lovely trait, but being humble doesn’t necessarily land the job offer.

A certain amount of self-promotion is expected!

For those who are on the gentler side of talking about themselves, there are methods to soften the message so that it offends no one’s sensitivities! Here are two ideas.

1. Although you have to share your successes, if you tell the story of the struggles – challenges, meetings, research, presentations, partnerships and so on – that led up to the success, you won’t feel quite so boastful.

2. In telling the story of the struggles, be sure to give credit where credit is due. A statement akin to “I wouldn’t have been able to meet this project’s deadline without the cooperation and assistance of countless people, from our corporate writer who tweaked my reports to the administrative assistant who so capably arranged for stakeholder meetings, sometimes on very short notice.”

In the end, you still portray yourself as a person who is in control, taking care of details, and surrounding him or herself with outstanding staff. Customize this approach to your own work place story and let me know how it works for you. And if you think you could benefit from interview coaching, check out my website for details. Working to your career success, Stephanie



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