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Why Should We Hire You?

Posted by Stephanie on December 8, 2011

Sometimes great ideas for a new blog come at the oddest times. Out walking in the crips night air, an idea popped into my mind. I was mulling over how difficult some people find it to answer the question of why they should be hired, or what they bring to the table, or what makes them the best – all of these lead to the same message – and I pondered how people really like an easy-peasy formulaic method, and voila! One popped up.

Here’s a formula that’s sure to help you out. Take three key skills that the position requires, and develop a bit of context. Here’s an example developed for a manager of customer service agents.

“ABC Computers would benefit from my hire because I’ve developed excellent methodologies in staff management, integrating training, and improving ratings in a meaningful way. I’ve managed an increasing number of staff that have grown from only five customer service agents to 30. In order to truly manage, I have elected to conduct informal performance reviews monthly rather than quarterly. That’s one. Secondly, I recognized that although lots of training is offered, and taken, it’s not always integrated, meaning that we weren’t making any real improvements. I’ve now set aside one hour a day for up to three days after a training session during which I sit down for a few minutes with each agent, go over specifics and allow my agents to practice. And lastly, the above two have improved many key performance indicators: call length, customer service surveys, number of complaints and escalations – every metric has seen an improvement. One more thing I could add: these performance improvements have stalled the need to hire another two agents! Our staff has increased productivity to the point where we’ve saved the salaries of two full time employees. And that’s why I would make an excellent hiring choice.”

Finish that off with a beaming smile and without a doubt you’ll be a top contender.



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