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How to Use Name Dropping in an Interview

Posted by Stephanie on November 27, 2011

What do you think? Is it useful to drop a name here and there in an interview? For instance, would the following work in “selling you” as a great Quality Assurance Manager?

“I’m active on LinkedIn and have over 300 contacts. In fact, I managed to get within two contacts of Johnny Depp!”

Not so likely! Although it might work to prove you’re a great social networker.

But there is a kind of name-dropping that would absolutely help and what’s more, anyone can use it. It is related to the people named on your reference page.

Imagine answering a question like this:

“I have earned a fine reputation when it comes to managing timelines in project managing complex and major projects. In fact Sharon Gee, one of my references, also my Program Manager for several of these projects, will attest to this. She often remarks on how grateful she is that I manage to meet each and every milestone deadline. In fact she jokingly wonders if I have found a way to make time stand still while I catch up on details.”

Now that’s name-dropping that’s worth trying.


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