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Authenticity and Landing an Interview

Posted by Stephanie on November 8, 2011

The other day I caught up with a client. She is a delightful, energetic and articulate young woman who absolutely loves one particular retailer, who must remain unnamed! Sally, as I’ll call her, enlightened me with how she landed her latest position with her retailer of choice.

Having heard of a potential opening, Sally reached out to her best inside contact to get the details. This contact immediately sent an email to the hiring manager, introducing Sally and urging her consideration. This is sometimes referred to as a pre-emptive reference, which is highly effective. To follow up, Sally penned an email to express her interest. Now, I would normally advocate against an effervescent use of exclamation marks to express sincere and passionate interest, but given the employer and given Sally’s personality, it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like that. 🙂

In some cases just plain being yourself, choosing to ignore professional rules of grammar, and leaning heavily on authenticity are entirely appropriate and effective.

Still unsure, doubting that this could be so? Sally’s interview began with a Moksha (hot) yoga class followed by a short chat. That’s it! Some employers, it seems, choose to ignore typical and professional rules of Human Resource recruitment protocol!

The very best advice to take from this story? Please find an employer that fits your style and with whose style you fit. It is crucial for continued career advancement and for career joy!


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