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Documents and Interview Prep

Posted by Stephanie on October 20, 2011

AS a resume writer I encourage my clients to submit lots of documents to me as I prepare to write. I typically receive an existing resume of course, sometimes a cover letter, a letter of reference, and a performance review.

Recently a client emailed a speech he had composed in preparation for accepting a work-related reward. And another client emailed me a speech she had prepared to introduce herself to her staff as their new manager.

These all help me to understand my client and serve their career goals best. You might be surprised to hear that the client who holds the record sent me over 70 pages of documents! It was effective – he landed the job he wanted, a definite step up the career ladder in his first management role.

When preparing for an interview you too must compile as much info as you can. You should ideally have been adding to a brag file, me file, accomplishment file over the years. But if not, at the very least review your performance appraisals. If you don’t you won’t drill down to those specific workplace stories that reveal not only the skills you have, but how you’ve used them.

Happy hunting!


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