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Preparation vs. Cockiness

Posted by Stephanie on September 10, 2011

A recent telephone call from a prospective client led to this blog’s topic. Seems this fellow had had an interview for a job that he was so sure he was absolutely perfect for, that he’d not only neglected to prepare, but had behaved in a self-admittedly cocky manner.

He didn’t land an offer.

In fact, he knew that the interview team wasn’t responding to him with enthusiasm soon into the interview and felt that they had actually cut it short as it was a scant 40 minutes.

Why was his extreme confidence a deal-breaker? Likely because credentials are only half the battle; you must also show you’ll fit in. Could be that his cockiness worried the team that he would come in and try to take over, bulldoze, undo and undermine.

You need to show not only that you can do the job, but that you’ll “play nice in the sandbox,” so to speak!

Preparation is a must, whether you are a new grad or a Chief Executive Officer.


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