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Embracing Change

Posted by Stephanie on September 4, 2011

Just this week I wrote an article on how the fear of change can equal career stagnation. Email me if you’re interested in reading the article; glad to share.

And that got me thinking. Communicating your embrace of change, your adaptability to nimble and continuous evolvement, would be a wonderful addition to your job hunter’s interview tool-kit. Today change is a constant, and the speed with which technology, processes, products and services morph these days is dizzying! And we can’t deny that without change our employers may lose out to competitors, which would leave us free of the need for change and free of a job!

Here are a few quick ideas on how to pull this into the interview.

Most interviews give us a chance to introduce ourselves. Questions such as tell us about yourself, and convince us that you’re the best candidate are the perfect platform to address this skill. Along with communicating subject matter expertise and a few specific work related skills, throw in how you embrace change. A simple “I’m known to be an early adaptor who hears a need and is immediately pondering the various solutions. I love to research, develop a few alternatives and brainstorm with others to see which might stick.”

When asked to “describe a time when” (you introducted new technology, met a crisis, stepped up to pitch in, etc.) are also opportune times to add in a sentence or two on change and adaptability.

Of course, this skill should also be on your resume!

Let me know if you’ve used this and what the result was. I’d love to hear!


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