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Posted by Stephanie on August 22, 2011

Many decades ago I used to think that everyone’s head was filled with the same sort of self-talk that flitted through mine, which included now-banished thoughts like “You’re so stupid; how could you have done that?”

Sometime in my twenties I read an article about the importance of self-talk, and the critical need to replace negative thoughts, such as above, with positive reinforcements. That article impacted me in a huge way and I can proudly share that these days narry a negative word passes my self-assessment filter. It’s not that I overdo praising myself, not at all. It’s simply that I won’t allow myself to pull myself down.

Doesn’t that sound silly? But many people are their own worst enemies. And without a doubt this thwarts career management, and especially interview outcomes. If I were to choose one key aspect of interview success, all other things being equal, it would be self-assurance. That quiet knowing and verbalization that you can do the job, will do the job, and will do it exceedingly well.

After all, if there is anytime that each one of us has to play a sales role, it is in an interview. You can hardly sell someone on hiring you if your own brain is filled with words and thoughts that put you down. Whether your brain screams or whispers negative thoughts, they will come out in a demonstrated lack of surety, confidence and ability.

Become aware and mindful of what flits through your brain, and banish negative self-talk from its repertoire.


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