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Companies can fail the interview too

Posted by Stephanie on August 9, 2011

I recall applying to a job with a Chamber of Commerce, many years ago. And I still recall that the Executive Director kept me waiting over a half hour. By that time I was freezing as the air conditioning was cranked up to the max, I was disgruntled to think that anyone could be so rude, and I knew I didn’t want to work there. That organization failed the interview.

Companies, employers, organizations and interviewers can fail the interview as well. An interview is not a measure of only the candidate’s success.

1. When you are left waiting with nary a word or apology, perhaps you should move that employer from top of the list to the bottom.

2. If the interviewer seems unhappy, doesn’t make eye contact, or otherwise gives you reason to doubt this is a great place to work, listen to your gut. If you are a rational person, ask questions that will lead to rational reasons that justify your gut feel. Ask “how high is turnover” and “how do you like your job” and “how long have you been here” and “how does this company celebrate successes”? One of these would provide food for thought, or lead to further questioning.

3. If you are asked to submit to a questionable test (I had one client who was asked to attend a half day psychiatric evaluation and the job was in sales), you may wish to reconsider. Truly instrusive testing is, in my mind, far beyond reasonable.

It is not always the interviewer, recruiter, or employer who is in the right; they too can fail the interview.


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