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Savour the Flavour

Posted by Stephanie on July 20, 2011

On a recent trip to British Columbia, easily a contender for Canada’s most sumptuous province, I was struck by the quality of food. Organic, fresh, local, undeniably delicious.

Restaurants of every nationality abound, and even these offer organic, vegan, celiac-friendly and fresh ingredients. My mouth waters at the memory!

I found myself slowing down my eating, relishing each mouthful, allowing my taste buds to interpret spices and ingredients. My friends and I lingered over our meals and enjoyed each other’s company. 

It struck me that conversations can also follow this model. Tasty, or should I say, interesting conversations are enjoyed, extended, savoured in their own way. And boring ones? Dispensed with quickly.

How then, do you turn an interview conversation into one of these delectable types? By keeping in mind the specific details that would make your answers of interest to your listener. Discuss how you would meet the position’s needs by sharing examples of your performance as it relates to profits and productivity, and you are sure to captivate your listener.


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