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Manage Your Interview

Posted by Stephanie on July 16, 2011

Don’t you wish that you could choose your own interview questions? You could avoid those tricky ones like what are your top three weaknesses. (I’d love to say: Tell me yours I’ll tell you mine!)

Having an outstanding resume and cover letter can influence the interview questions to some degree. Of course there are employers who because of internal policies or union-driven agreements must ask the same question of all applicants as a measure of fair and equitable interview practices. However, provide the recruitment team with really juicy info, and they may ask the question and relate it immediately to a particularly interesting bullet on your resume.

If your bullet states that you consistently overachieved, quarter after quarter, in seven sales metrics, you’ll be asked how you did this. What methodology did you use, how do you build sales relationships etc.? When you answer be sure to share how your accomplishments were achieved in spite of competition or economic considerations. It’s easy enough to have great results in times of affluence; a real test of abilities is in continuing to achieve when faced with challenge. That’s when your problem solving, creativity, networking, partnership building and other abilities can be brought in to the answer, further proving that you are an outstanding candidate!

Career management, which includes influencing the interview process, is strengthened with great foundational documents, the resume and cover letter.



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