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When the Phone Rings

Posted by Stephanie on June 28, 2011

Recently I had a client tell me how surprised he was to receive a job offer over an email! This was a professional, an engineer, and being “of a certain age” he was more accustomed to that personal (and we used to think) professional touch of at least a telephone call.

Such is the new way of conducting business and we must keep up.

Another trend on the upswing is the telephone interview. Sometimes (and I don’t agree with this), a company’s representative will call unexpectedly. I had one client who answered his phone while working out. Sweaty and out of breath, he attempted to focus and anwer questions with some intelligence! It is, in my opinion, far more professional to pre-schedule a telephone interview.

Consider these tips to ace that telephone interview:

  • Don’t share every phone number you can be reached at on your resume and other self-marketing documents; one suffices and it should be the one where you’re most likely to have some privacy if needed.
  • Make certain you are in a quiet place, and one in which distractions will not preclude you from focusing 100% and then some, on composing replies that make sense, and are not puncutated with hesitation. Don’t be driving, surfing the internet, baby-sitting, dog-walking or anything other than completely devoted to your caller.
  • Keep your resume handy, and if you have a brag file (and you must!) that should be at your fingertips as well. Having info at the ready will mitigate the impact of nerves.

As with any interview, you should be prepared, you should have practiced your answers, and you should have stories aplenty – workplace accomplishment stories of projects rescued, partnerships struck, money earned and saved. It is on these bottom-line results that productive job-search relationships are built.


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