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Sometimes you have to let it go.

Posted by Stephanie on June 24, 2011

A client recently contacted me, disappointed in the way an interview evolved. In the end, there was no way to fix the situation she found herself in, and she simply had to let it go.

Here’s the story. “Sue,” let’s call her, was pumped up about the potential employment, and had actually talked her way into an interview. She liked the atmosphere in the workplace, felt comfortable with the President, and thought it all bode well.

However, in the interview, she not only did not “connect” with the Manager who would be her immediate boss were she to land the job, she also didn’t like his energy. (Sue goes a lot on gut feeling and intuition.)

Not only that, but the fellow asked questions about her current employer, a rival in the marketplace, which were clearly crossing the line into intrusive and likely unethical. Sue’s “spidey senses” were twitching “danger, danger.” She politely but firmly told him that although she is looking for new employment, she continues to be employed and felt that the information he was requesting was not something she felt comfortable divulging.

Unbelievably he tried a few times, and being a strong personality herself, Sue politely and firmly told him a few more times that she was not about to share that proprietary information.

Needless to say that opportunity is a dud for now, at least until that Manager moves on! Sometimes there is nothing to do but let it go.


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