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How many interviews to an offer?

Posted by Stephanie on June 22, 2011

Obviously there is no one answer to this question; it all depends. Variables abound – from whether you are targeting the appropriate employers – ones that “fit” with your style, to whether your resume is perhaps overselling you, and more, some job hunters land an offer following the first interview and others go through many.

I would suggest that if you have had five or more interviews, with no hint of an offer and no suggestion that you were runner-up, it is time to give your resume a second glance, and your interview strategies some thought.

Today’s blog topic is a result of chatting with the attendees of an engineering networking event, where one of the people with whom I chatted admitted to having had eight interviews, but not one offer. I gently suggested that it was time to review his resume as well as his interview strategies.

What would be the point of attending another eight interviews before deciding to take a serious look at what could be handled differently? After all, this person had already been out of work for six months. Continuing with the same old is unlikely to reap new results.

But that is precisely what so many job hunters, career transitioners or new graduates keen on launching their real career, do. They send the same resume, interview with the same lack of investigation, and then lament that only entry level, low pay jobs exist.

And yet, I have clients who have recently landed a “dream job,” their first career-related position, or their end-of career, pre-retirement, last career-related job, at the age of 55+ … where then, lies the difference?

It lies in the belief that a one-size-fits-all solution, rampant on the internet, doesn’t work for everyone. It lies in taking initiative, believing in the effectiveness of career management tactics, in sourcing out professional help or customizing a strategy.

It certainly doesn’t lie in continuing with the same old, ineffective, no results “strategies” that have reaped no results thus far.

It’s your career; what are you doing about it?


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