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So you haven’t interviewed in years!

Posted by Stephanie on June 15, 2011

Recently I’ve had clients of, shall we say, a certain age (I fit in that bracket myself!), who worked for one employer for years and, being valuable employees, waltzed their way up the career ladder.

And then one day, a reorg, new owner or financial crisis brought unexpected change, and they found themselves, you guessed it, out of work! For the first time in years, and without so much as a retirement gift or sorry-to-see-you-go party, they have no job to go to.

Once the shock has passed and the reality of a job search stirs them out of inertia, they begin to contemplate the need for a resume and begin to fear that first actual job interview.

Information and preparation are unavoidable, necessary, imperative! Read our previous blogs here at Career Thought Leaders for excellent pointers. And feel free to email your questions, queries and conundrums! I’d be pleased to respond.

By the way, there are ways to overcome perceived ageism or other possible employment-preventers!


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